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And, reporter understanding to christian louboutin outlet they also has themselves of houses, has design team, customer service plus various employees has more than 300 more people, they themselves design of works can Xia single to generation workers factory do, and non-just is sellers so they can control cost and quality, this is they in numerous of clothing shop in the stand out of causes Ou Sha family costumes limited CEO Zhou on themselves of enterprise very confident, he said: "Ou Sha to market 1/3-1/5 of price sales and well-known brand equal quality of clothing, Designed to keep abreast of the trends and fashions and styles. ”

Shenzhen famous fashion brand Manager Tony told reporters that if clothing in the Mall in the ex-factory price at least 5 times, more than doubled, braised points, discounts are not enough to cope with market activities, employees and other costs. Middleman too more has, are need Terminal consumers to digest and in recently, a in Taobao Shang name for Fontbleau of Shenzhen shop open shop beginning on obtained has near do Yuan of wind voted! more added has Shenzhen shop sellers were of confidence this is located Yu Shenzhen snake mouth of shop set up Yu this year June, registered capital 1.6 million,-oriented 25-35 age of Office women since create has a full of French means of women brand Fontbleau. Shop official told reporters that the shop with Fanke built sales platform for the companies, they are ready to go the other way: starting from creating its own clothing brand, sales are dominated by Taobao and Pat shop and planned construction on the line in the 1 year franchise label women's clothing online store network Shenzhen---hot selling "fire" more than just clothing. Reporters recently in Taobao search found only 34,324 in a Shenzhen computer sellers, just phone a Shenzhen 39,384 sellers, top sales shop recently sold more than more than 3,000 more than 1100 Smartphone for the value, sales of more than 3 million dollars. According to the Shenzhen media reports, has nearly 300,000 Shenzhen sellers on Taobao. At the same time, Shenzhen China online shopping consumer power's top ten cities in third place, second only to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou fifth.

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